Applying for an Estonian passport and ID card

An Estonian citizen´s passport is a travel document issued to a citizen of Estonia by the Republic of Estonia, an ID card is an identity document with digital functionality.

The Estonian passport and ID-card can be applied

  • at the self-service portal
  • by POST directly from the Estonian Police and Boarder Guard Board
  • at the embassy

Applying at the self-service portal

The most convenient and cheapest way of applying for a passport of an ID card is via the self-service portal of the Police and Border Guard Board or via email / post from the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board. More information about applying for documents is available here.

You can apply for a passport in the self-service portal, if less than 6 years have passed since you last applied for a passport and provided your fingerprints. If the self-service portal asks to give new fingerprints you can make an appointment in embassy contacting via e-mail

After the renewal of your fingerprint you can continue the procedures of applying the Estonian passport in the self-service portal. Fingerprints are not needed if you apply ID card.

Applying by post

It is possible to apply for a renewed passport by post or at the self-service portal in  case a  person has already received a passport containing fingerprints and less than 6 years have passed since the issuance of this passport. Also a passport for children under age 12 can be applied for directly at the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board by post.

The application form and additional documents should be sent directly to the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board:

Police and Border Guard Board
Pärnu mnt 139
15060 Tallinn

Applying at the embassy in Singapore

You can apply for a document in person at the embassy if it is not possible to submit the application in the self-service portal or by post. To apply for a passport and / or ID card at the embassy, ​​an appointment must be made in advance via e-mail address

Before coming to submit an application, a state fee must be paid, which can be done by transfer (instructions on the website of the Police and Border Department. A receipt confirming the payment of the state fee must be brought. The document photo submitted with the application must be sent by e-mail to

The first and last name of the person in the photo and the Estonian personal identification code or date of birth must be attached to the e-mail. If the applicant does not use e-mail, someone else (eg a photographer) can send the photo on their behalf. NB! The Police and Border Department does not accept paper images. Detailed requirements and instructions are provided on the website of Police and Border Department. NB! It is not possible to take a document photo at the embassy.

State fee

The state fee depends on both the method of application and the place where the document is to be received. State fee rates can be found here.

Claiming your document

You will be contacted by e-mail or telephone once the documents have reached the embassy. The passport and / or ID card of a child under the age of 15 is issued only to the child’s legal representative (guardian) or a person authorized by him or her at the time of application. Citizens of at least 15 years of age are issued a passport and / or ID card in person or at the request of an authorized representative.

Authorization to receive a passport and / or ID card

The document will be issued to your representative only if the application was submitted in a service office or foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia and the authorization was submitted already upon submission of the application for the document. If you have authorized someone else to claim your passport, they must bring with them their own valid Estonian identity document and your old passport.


All passport and ID card applications for Estonian citizens are processed by the PPA. You can monitor the status of a document request on the PPA website.

When abroad, you cannot apply for a passport or ID card as a matter of urgency. You can apply for a passport and ID card as a matter of urgency only with self-service or at PPA services in Estonia. Documents requested as a matter of urgency can only be received in Tallinn.

An alien’s passport can be applied for only at PPA services in Estonia.